Without moisture protection, a cast can be a problem for your child

A cast or bandage needs protection so your child can continue having fun.

A cast or bandage needs protection so your child can continue having fun.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's most recent survey, there are as many as 4.4 million instances of a fractured or broken bones every year in the U.S. Although the vast majority of these occur among older adults, a broken arm or leg can be a real problem for your child. Rambunctious children may be less patient with casts or bandages and have a more difficult time protecting them from water. 

A cast or bandage is most effective when it stays dry. By using Seal-Tight Protection, you can keep your child's cast safe from moisture. 

Staying clean
As trivial as it may seem, younger children may struggle to take a bath or shower with a cast. FiveThirtyEight reported that each year broken arms and legs alone account for hundreds of thousands of trips to the doctor or emergency room. Effectively bathing while keeping a cast high and dry can be difficult. A kid can become irritated or avoid showering altogether, and homemade wraps made out of plastic or tinfoil are rarely, if ever, reliable. 

A wet cast or bandage can become ruined, and re-casting can be expensive and frustrating. More to the point, damaging a broken bone's protection undermines the healing process. By opting for true protection, your child can protect his or her broken limb without giving up personal hygiene. Likewise, getting water under a cast might not always be as detrimental, but it can be itchy or uncomfortable.

Fun in the sun
When the weather cooperates, children love getting wet. There's nothing more fun than a water balloon flight or dip in the pool. Having a cast can be a real problem, however, at least when these aren't protected with true moisture protection.

Having to sit out a school trip to the water park or in impromptu water pistol fight can be a big let-down for your kid, but having the right protective gear on hand can make all the difference. Your child should exercise caution when selecting appropriate activities, but it's fully possible to mitigate any risks related to water. 

Winter exploration
When the temperature drops, children have a knack for activities that involve getting wet. A fresh blanket of snow is perfect for building forts, having snowball fights or making snow angels. Even under snow pants and other clothing, however, a child with a cast may be forced to stay indoors. So long as the activity doesn't pose a risk to a healing bone, Seal-Tight Protection can fully cover your child's cast and allow him or her to get in on the action.

A broken bone can be difficult for a child because it might limit the number of options available for having fun. Keeping a cast or bandage safe from water damage is a way to bring about a bit of normalcy. Keeping the limb safe from harm should be a top priority, but when possible, moisture protection allows your child a little more freedom and flexibility when dealing with a cast or bandage.