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Intellinetix brings wearable vibration therapy to you. Rechargeable and easy to use, Intellinetix products represent intelligent innovation – targeting the source of pain with localized, portable vibration therapy. Whether it’s a chronic condition such as arthritis, an acute injury or to warm-up your muscles or aid in recovery after a workout, Intellinetix products offer site-specific relief anywhere on your body – from your hands, knees, back, shoulders and more. Try the Headache Band or Therapy Mask to help eliminate the pain of migraines or severe headaches. Available without a prescription, Intellinetix products are an alternative treatment without the pills.

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Therapy Gloves


Therapy Mask

NEW Intellinetix-Headache Band

Headache Band

NEW Intellinetix-Universal Therapy Wrap

Universal Therapy Wrap

NEW Intellinetix-Back Therapy Wrap

Back Therapy Wrap

NEW Intellinetix-Vibrating-Pain-Relief-Mask

Quad/Thigh Therapy Wrap

NEW Intellinetix-Knee Elbow Therapy Wrap

Knee/Elbow Therapy Wrap

NEW Intellinetix- Calf/Shin Therapy Wrap

Calf/Shin Therapy Wrap

NEW Intellinetix-Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap

Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap


Step Sensor


Vibrating Calf and Shin Wrap