Intellinetix combines targeted vibration therapy in a portable device at an affordable cost.

Vibration therapy works in two ways:

1. Gentle vibrations stimulate muscles and ligaments to increase blood circulation.
2. Vibrations serve as a sensory distraction, disrupting pain signals that are constantly traveling from your body to your brain and replacing them with gentle, massaging sensations.

Best of all, with vibration therapy, there is no feeling of electric shock commonly associated with TENS units.

Rechargeable and easy to use, Intellinetix products represent intelligent innovation – targeting the source of pain with localized, portable vibration therapy. Whether it’s a chronic condition such as arthritis, or an acute injury, Intellinetix products may offer relief to your hands, knees, elbows or shins. There’s even an option that helps eliminate the pain of migraines or severe headaches.

Available without a prescription, Intellinetix products are an alternative treatment without the pills.

See Intellinetix Products Below


Therapy Gloves


Therapy Mask

NEW Intellinetix-Headache Band

Headache Band

Available on Pre-Order
NEW Intellinetix-Universal Therapy Wrap

Universal Therapy Wrap

Available on Pre-Order
NEW Intellinetix-Back Therapy Wrap

Back Therapy Wrap

Available on Pre-Order
NEW Intellinetix-Vibrating-Pain-Relief-Mask

Quad/Thigh Therapy Wrap

Available on Pre-Order
NEW Intellinetix-Knee Elbow Therapy Wrap

Knee/Elbow Therapy Wrap

Available on Pre-Order
NEW Intellinetix- Calf/Shin Therapy Wrap

Calf/Shin Therapy Wrap

Available on Pre-Order
NEW Intellinetix-Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap

Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap

Available on Pre-Order

Step Sensor


Vibrating Knee and Elbow Wrap


Vibrating Calf and Shin Wrap

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