Employees give to The One Fund

Brownmed offers incentive to employees to donate to OneFund.

From its inception in 1897, the Boston Marathon has served to highlight the courage, resiliency and community of those who dedicate themselves to accomplishing one of the most difficult tasks in human sport – running 26.2 miles in varied terrain. The tragic events of April 15th did not change that spirit. Rather, they have served to highlight those same qualities among the many who have responded in the aftermath with aid and support.

Brownmed is helping as well.

This May, we are encouraging all of our employees to donate a minimum of $25 to the One Fund in exchange for the opportunity to wear jeans every Friday this month.  The One Fund was created with a stated purpose of helping those people most affected by the bombing and, to date, has raised more than $28 million.

To show your support or make a donation, please visit www.onefundboston.org.