Good Vibrations

Vibration therapy is generating a lot of buzz recently as emerging research suggests low amplitude vibration therapy may have more benefits than previously known.

Originally introduced as a treatment protocol to maintain bone strength among astronauts in the 1960’s, various clinical studies suggest vibration therapy may offer benefits for patients with arthritis, osteoporosis and other ailments. 

Vibration therapy appears to work by stimulating muscles and ligaments to increase blood circulation, ultimately helping reduce pain and inflammation, promote immune response and improve joint strength and flexibility. 

A study completed earlier this year even indicates five minutes of low level vibration therapy was as effective as a 15 minute massage at reducing muscle soreness and recovery time after strenuous exercise.

Other studies, such as this one in the Journal of Sports Science, indicate vibration therapy may be useful in muscle rehabilitation after acute injury.

Brownmed recently introduced Vibrating Gloves to provide targeted relief to those who suffer from hand pain as a result of arthritis, age or overuse and aims to have a Vibrating Knee product available by Summer.

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