Preparing for a workout with wearable vibration therapy

Vibrations therapy can reduce muscle soreness pre- and post-workout.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need to dedicate anywhere from 150 to 300 minutes weekly to moderate-intensity aerobic activity to reap the most health benefits. This can include brisk walking, biking, swimming, or taking a dance class. Muscle strengthening is also important, as the CDC recommends adults lift weights at least twice a week on top of aerobic exercise.

Whether you're someone who completes the suggested routine or you consider yourself more athletic, putting in more hours at the gym than the average person, you'll likely deal with soreness at some point during the week. Dedicating at least one day to rest is suggested to help alleviate the aching and help muscles recover, but what happens when the discomfort lasts for days? Vibration therapy may be the solution to help you get back to your routine.

What is vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy comes in two forms, according to Healthline. Whole-body vibration therapy consists of standing on a vibrating platform, while localized therapy uses a vibrating device to target a certain area of your body. Localized therapy is perfect for someone who needs to address stiffness so the entire body is ready for exercise. According to Healthline, vibration therapy causes the muscles to contract and relax. This action may lead to increased bone density and muscle mass, improve circulation, reduce joint and back pain, alleviate stress and even boost metabolism.

How vibration therapy can prepare you for a workout

Research shows that vibration therapy may work to manage and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. A report by the Department of Centre for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences at Ramaiah in New Delhi, India, found that vibration therapy is a valuable solution for DOMS and can ultimately enhance overall performance and help to reduce and prevent injuries in the future.

Localized vibration therapy can also be beneficial for those who are currently experiencing an injury. According to research conducted at Kent State University, researchers found that a targeted vibration therapy device can reduce stiffness in those experiencing an ankle or hamstring injury. This is valuable information for anyone who may be injured and wants a way to facilitate a speedy recovery so they can get back into the gym.

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