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Herbst Cradle

Herbst Cradle patented orthosis is designed for plantar flexion contractures, pressure-free positioning and prevention or healing of decubital ulcers on the heel and malleoli. Made of soft, ripstop nylon, Herbst Cradle™ is cool and soothing to the patient’s compromised skin. Anti-bacterial filling is strategically placed, creating a soft cradle that alleviates pressure while a pocket of beads in the centerwall of the leg portion enhances blood circulation. Plastic posterior and plantar brace keeps foot at a 90-degree angle while the patient rests comfortably in bed. Anti-rotation bar prevents lower extremity rotation and adjusts for right or left foot. Hook & loop closures allow for secure and expedient application. Extremely lightweight, Herbst Cradle™ weighs only 15 oz. Designed by a podiatrist, the Herbst Cradle™ is a cost effective treatment for decubital ulcers, bed linen abrasions, lower extremity rotation and plantar flexion contractures. Call 800.843.4395 for information on cost and how to buy.
Herbst Cradle Photo
Item Number Size Men Women
04020 Small ≤5 ≤6
04021 Medium 5-9.5 6-10.5
04022 Large >9.5 >10.5

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