Glider Set

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Support that Glides with you.

The patented IMAK Ergo Glider utilizes multiple track balls on a flexible silicone base. This unique design supports your wrist or elbow for easy maneuvering of the mouse or other accessory. The massaging cushion is filled with 100% recyclable ergoBeads®, a smooth bead filling that provides optimal ergonomic comfort.
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    • ErgoBeads® support your wrist or elbow in an ergonomically correct position
    • Helps prevent repetitive stress injuries in wrist, forearm and elbow
    • Removable cover for easy care
    • Rolling platform easily glides across surfaces
    • AutoCAD Drawing
    • Digital Pen Use
    • Digital Illustration
    • Drafting
    • Fine Art Drawing
    • Wrist or Elbow Support
    • Mousing
    • Computing
    • Stress Relief
    • Drafting
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