Plastalume Splints

The Plastalume line includes the first ever aluminum /foam finger splint that has proven itself as an invaluable product for doctors and patients for 50 years.

Plastalume splints now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit patients’ needs. From smaller digital finger splints and protectors to larger options for arms or legs, Plastalume splints are suitable for a range of conditions such as fractures, pressure from bursitis or bone spurs or to aid in support. All are lightweight and flexible so they can be custom formed to fit a patient perfectly.

The beauty of Plastalume splints is the immediate immobilization they provide to the afflicted area. And because the splints can come padded with non-latex, quarter inch or closed-cell foam, it eliminates the need for bulky dressing.

Plastalume splints can be purchased individually, but many prefer a selection of digital kits that help healthcare workers and sports trainers respond quickly to finger injuries. These kits contain a range of splint sizes that are made of one quarter inch soft foam that can be shaped easily for almost any use, and come with easy-to-clean vinyl covers. There is also a specialty kit with an assortment of splints like frogs, cots and protectors and a Stax-Mallet kit – both are ideal options for clinics, hospitals and training rooms.

The Plastalume line also includes a wide range of smooth finish aluminum strips ideal for use in emergency settings. Each comes with a radius end, can be cut to length and is available in blue open cell and white non-absorbent closed cell foam. Also in the line, armboards that are available with or without stockinette. These armboards are latex free and are ideal for neonatal use or to stabilize intravenous lines. There is even an option of PETG plastic for use in higher magnetism MRI settings.

From emergency treatment to stabilization, Brownmed’s Plastalume products continue to offer the best in splinting technology.