How to care for a loved one with arthritis

Offer to do household chores that may be more difficult for someone with arthritis.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among adults and it impacts more than 50 million Americans, according to the Arthritis Foundation. By 2040, that number is anticipated to reach more than 78 million. That means there's a good chance that this debilitating condition may impact you, a family member or a close friend.

Watching a loved one deal with the pain that comes with arthritis can be difficult. Help them cope with the condition and continue going about daily activities with the following tips:

1. Cook more

Lend a helping hand in the kitchen by cooking some of the family favorites a few times a week. Not only does this give your loved one a chance to relax more during dinner prep, but it also opens up the opportunity to cook more foods that can reduce inflammation, strengthen bones and boost immunity. The Arthritis Foundation recommended a diet that consists of more fish, cherries, grains, citrus and garlic. These foods have the nutritional power to ease symptoms of the debilitating condition.

2. Offer help around the house

Beyond dinner time, your loved one can likely use more assistance taking care of the house. Offer to do some of the household chores that may be more difficult for someone with arthritis, such as sweeping and mopping. If you don't have the extra time during the week to offer help yourself, consider talking to your loved one about hiring someone to clean the house a few days of the month. This is a simple solution for keeping the space tidy without the added stress that comes with finding the time or feeling obligated to take care of it on your own.

3. Exercise together

Staying mobile is essential for those living with arthritis. As such, Arthritis Action recommended doing some form of exercise with your loved one throughout the week. You can go to the gym, walk the local nature trail or join a low-impact fitness class together. Getting into exercise alone can be difficult, so joining your loved one for physical activity a few hours a week can be a confidence booster. This is an optimal opportunity to get up and get moving, but also to form a greater bond with each other.

4. Give the gift of IMAK Compression

If arthritis is making it difficult for your loved one to continue working his or her job comfortably, consider gifting an IMAK Compression product. The Arthritis Gloves, Active Gloves, Elbow Sleeve, Knee Sleeve and more are all designed to help reduce swelling, improve circulation and warm the affected area to provide natural relief from the pain associated with overuse and arthritis. Each product is lightweight and provides mild compression for all-day comfort.

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